Manufacturing Hygiene

Hygiene in the industrial sector is essential to ensure quality products and the protection of public health and wellbeing. Favourable conditions in industrial premises can cause microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts and moulds to propagate, leading to severe problems for industries when these organisms contaminate raw materials, process waters, the end products and the process chain.
Manufacturing Hygiene aims to help industries identify and correct these problems before they occur. Good hygiene practices can reduce the risk of introducing unwanted substances and organisms into the manufacturing environment, such as potential pathogens and other agents of spoilage, thus protecting the safety of consumers as well as the health of industrial workers.
Elite Hygiene understands that different industrial sectors have different hygiene requirements. Different stages of processes too have different hygiene requirements. We can consult and provide professional recommendations to help industries to establish appropriate procedures, documentation and monitoring systems for all stages of the process.